Art Gallery

As passionate art enthusiasts, we frequently explore galleries such as The Columbus Museum of Art and others we find on our travels. You can often spy us at the Schokko Café, conducting business and hanging out together. 

We hold a deep appreciation for art, but our original business plan did not anticipate art taking center stage at Secret Studio. Initially, we envisioned our recording studio and community programs leading the way, oblivious to the fact that art would eventually steal the spotlight and help us survive a couple very hard years.

The onset of COVID-19 compelled us to pivot swiftly. Adapting to the restricted physical access for music and recording, we made the decision to bring art directly to people. Our focus shifted towards enriching the art experience through online gallery showings and virtual workshops. This transition led us to become full-time digital art vendors, all thanks to those pioneering artists who bravely stepped into the COVID era, helping us fill the gallery, and the beautiful guidance from local experts.

During the difficult times of the pandemic, we realized we were art advocates. We facilitated sold-out shows, connected artists to opportunities like hotel collaborations and sales, and orchestrated virtual gatherings. Within the community, our compact gallery resonates as a hub of joy, inspiration, and creativity – a journey that fills us with immense pride.

We extend a warm invitation to you: come and experience our space, or even better, showcase your very own art alongside us. Feel free to reach out for more information; we’re eager to connect with you.