About Secret Studio

One summer night at Dick’s Den, we were drinking vodka sodas and talking about Ingmar Bergman films and the importance of living your one life when gradually, we found ourselves contemplating a shared wish—to have our own creative spaces.  

As told by Amy Turn Sharp


Keith was working out of a very small room at 400 W. Rich, and I was driving all over Columbus for poetry events without a home base for hosting regular creative workshops. 

We were kind of joking about just starting a business together that night, but as it turned out in the morning, we were both still so very inspired by each other’s aspirations, and we embarked on a wild and wonderful journey together. We just kept saying yes.

Enter COVID-19, adding an unforeseen plot twist. On 3/13/20, when the city was shutting down, we took a daring step—opening and closing our business on the same day. The champagne was put back in the fridge, and we just looked at each other with wonder.

But together and with the support of a remarkable, art-infused city, we are still here, holding onto the belief that the best is yet to come.

About Us

Keith Hanlon

Co-Owner/House Engineer, Producer and Music Archivist

My father worked at RCA’s tube factory in New Jersey, before it closed in the late 70s. He brought home a reel-to-reel tape deck from work, and I spent my childhood learning how to use it, recording my friends and using the family garage as an echo chamber.

A drum set came into my life at a young age, thanks to my brother. I learned Kiss and Led Zeppelin songs and eventually formed a band at the age of 14. I’ve been playing music ever since.

I studied audio production at Ohio University, interning at the famous Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. Upon graduation I had dived into a variety of music projects. I toured the US and Canada with The Black Swans, Parker Paul and Orchestraville.

As a producer and engineer, I am equally at home in the analog and digital worlds. I love experimenting with microphones and effects, to create a unique recorded world. But I also love live performance and enjoy the “old school” process of a band tracking live in the studio and capturing that energy. To that end, I’ve worked with talented artists like Lydia Loveless, Ed Askew, Golomb, The Black Swans, Connections and Ryan Jewell.

Amy Turn Sharp

Co-Owner/Creative Director

Hello, I’m Amy – a poet and co-owner of Secret Studio. By day, I work as a creative director at one of the world’s top 10 global tech companies. My world revolves around content, communication, and words. Words are my craft, through which I strive to evoke emotions and forge connections. I aim to make people understand each other.

My byline has found its home in numerous Meredith and Disney Corporation magazines. I’ve also worn the hat of a ghostwriter and might just have penned some of the cool content you’ve enjoyed on Instagram over the last 15 years. You might even spot my poems on billboards and local cake vending machines – for real!

You could have caught me speaking at national conferences like Alt Summit, Blogher, and yes, even at the Etsy World Headquarters in NYC. With an engaged Instagram following and weekly Substack newsletter, my mission is to inspire others to fully embrace their creative sides.

In the realm of Secret Studio, while Keith and the other talented engineers keep the music alive, my role is all about fostering connections. I genuinely believe in the power of these connections and that there’s an abundance of opportunities available for everyone. 

To me, there are no strangers – just connections waiting to happen. Let’s hang out and create together.

Lydia Loveless

Lead Engineer/Producer

I have been a professional singer songwriter for over a decade. I have written and co-produced six full length albums of my own and contributed harmonies to dozens of artists’ records ranging from hip hop to country to punk. I have toured internationally as a headliner and had the pleasure of opening for many of my favorite artists like The Mountain Goats, Jason Isbell, and Eef Barzelay to name a few. I completed a session at The Recording Workshop in the summer of 2021 and continue to teach myself about the craft of audio engineering. 

I’m passionate about helping people find their confidence, bolster their innate talents and find their true inner voice. Music is my first language and I particularly love pop music, rock n roll and country. I love creating spaces where embarrassment is eradicated, and people feel safe to fully express themselves. 

Caeleigh Featherstone

Lead Engineer/Producer

I am a Recording and mixing engineer in Columbus Ohio. I work at an all-woman staffed studio, called Secret Studio, where I record and do the mixing and editing for musicians, bands, and podcasts. I am also a touring monitor engineer for Lucy Dacus and Cavetown.

My work as an audio engineer began three years ago when the pandemic hit and took away my work as a touring musician (I play bass and tour in a band called Saintseneca). I found myself reflecting, with my newfound free time, that we had an extraordinary shortage of woman in this industry. So, I signed up for an audio certification program at a school nearby, called The Rec W, and began studying to enter this field so I could be a voice of change in this industry. I was immediately hired on as a teacher at The Rec W after finishing my certification program.

After working there for a year, I was then given the amazing opportunity to go out on tour with Major acts like Cavetown and Lucy Dacus as their monitor engineer. I am now growing my client work at home in Columbus Ohio as a recording and mixing engineer, as well as composing music for short films and commercials for major brands such as Nationwide. If you have a creative project, you would like music or recording/mixing services for I would love to be of service.