Behold the Console

Secret Studio has purchased a Soundcraft 8000 console that has a long history of recording in Columbus. For years, it was used by the now defunct Columbus Discount Recording. Modified by engineer Adam Smith, this live sound board easily adapted to studio work. For the last five years, it was used at Musicol Recording where Keith worked on albums by Counterfeit Madison, Connections, Garbage Greek, Ryan Jewell and countless other artists.

Soundcraft 8000 console, Musicol Recording, photographed in 2015

We’ll be upgrading more components before installing it in the control room at Secret Studio.

Did we mention that, in addition to digital recording, we will have a Tascam 38 tape deck on hand (8-track, 1/2″ tape)? It’s a classic format, perfect for garage rock or vintage-style jazz. The Soundcraft board will be a great vehicle for old-school analog recordings. More on analog recording in a future post…